Chemotherapy technically refers to the treatment of disease using chemicals, and therefore encompasses all drugs for all diseases.  Most people, however, understand chemotherapy to mean anti-cancer therapy, which of course it also is.

Anti-cancer therapies have come a long way, from very toxic to the bone marrow and GI system to more "user friendly" therapies which have minimal side effects and sometimes dramatic and long-lasting positive effects on tumors.

At Horizon Medical Associates, our clinical staff regularly attend our local hospital's tumor conferences, attend local and national meetings, and stay abreast of the latest anti-cancer treatment modalities.

We've been working in this field for many years and have, along with our patients, experienced the joy and rewards that have come with this fast-paced and ever-changing sub-specialty of medicine!

Since there are more than 100 different agents we administer, we've provided links to some of our favorite, non-commercial, websites pertaining to anti-cancer therapies.