David Jerozal
David Jerozal
Dave in his "sky box"

Meet David Jerozal--the man who keeps 10 plates in the air at all times!

How fortunate we are at Horizon Medical Associates to have such a talented and detail-oriented operations manager. It came as no surprise to learn he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering from Syracuse University! There's no task that Dave can't tackle--from training our front office staff to purchasing all our complex specialty pharmaceuticals--Dave's the man!

From his desk in the "sky box", he's often the first contact our patients have over the phone and they quickly appreciate his vast experience and expertise in handling any situation with competence, patience and cheerfulness. You'll never find Dave in a bad mood!


Felice Wright 

Felice may well be the first person you meet at Horizon Medical Associates and you'll be glad she's the one!  Felice knows her way around the front office which has more moving parts than a Swiss-made watch! Felice has worked in health care for many years and will gladly help you wade through the maze of paperwork, copays, co-insurance, scheduling and keeping you in the right direction!

She has many other talents as well--from authoring a devotional and inspirational book to learning the game of golf--Felice loves to tackle new experiences. She's a leader and frequent speaker at her church and has a natural ability to engage her audience and make them feel welcome.


Nichole Owens 

Every office needs a "Nichole", and boy are we happy we've found ours!  She's the one who'll keep you light-hearted and thankful for your daily blessings. She loves a good excuse for an office party and knows how to turn an ordinary day into a day of celebration!

She mans the checkout desk, but so much more, including filling in on our super busy days as a trained phlebotomist and medical assistant.  You'll feel like you're seeing double!  Yep, every office needs a Nichole!